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April 2014



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New Year's Goals

Update: Oops. I meant 2010, not 2009.

As in 2008, I still think I can be a better husband, and a better person. I've been a pretty good pacifist, but I think I can up my commitment, if I can only figure out what that means for me personally. I still long for a more real connection with a sangha, which is ironic. It's like I live on the shore of Crater Lake and I'm dying of thirst. I wonder what my damage is.


My main huge life-changing goals were all accomplished in 2008, including: Listing (and selling) the house, moving to California, and getting a new job (and keeping it through the new year.) Listing these feels a bit like cheating. While they were very scary at the time, it was fairly obvious even in January that if I threw the full weight of my life behind them, they'd get done. And they did. On the other hand, I guess that's the point - throwing yourself into something so it's completion becomes inevitable.

My big important for-me goals were mostly failures, though with varying degrees of almost-success. The graphic novel didn't happen. In fact, the drawing self-instruction pretty much ended too. I didn't get four manuscripts prepped and out, either. As I whined two weeks ago, serializing my thoughts into something coherent enough for others to consume has been all but impossible for me. A point borne out by my posting calendar. Getting out and having fun, though, has been more successful. Largely propelled by anami and her desire to take advantage of living in California, we've gone out and done a lot of cool stuff together since moving out here. I'm hoping that we keep it up and do a lot more in 2009.

    • Talking and Fun:
    • Go out on 34 new-things dates in 2009. Novel situations, novel environments, novel activities. The idea is to explore, to have fun. To set common waypoints, so that as we grow, we don't grow apart. Multiple fun days out within a single vacation can count.

    • Domestic:
    • I want to visit the Greater Cincinnati Area at least once.

    • I want to visit the Salt Lake Valley at least once.

    • International:
    • I want to get a new passport stamp this year by visiting another country. I don't care where. I would like to spend at least four days (96 hours) in this place.

    • NOTE: Anami will need a new passport.

  • By Jan 1 2010, prepare four manuscripts for submission for publication. They can be fiction or nonfiction, of any genre, and of any length.

    • Diet
    • Cultivate a habit of water drinking. This is underspecified, because I'm unlikely to track how much water I drink in any serious way. I'd like to drink an average of a liter a day (minimum) for the rest of the year though.

    • Cultivate a habit of being mindful of when and how much you eat. That's all: just pay attention to it.

    • Exercise
    • Complete the Avenue of the Giants Half Marathon 3 May 2009. This is way less ambitious than the Mesa Falls Marathon I intended to do the year past.

    • By Jan 1 2010, run/walk at least 704 miles. This averages out to 12 miles per week.

    • Start back to a rock gym. 24 separate trips in 2009. This averages to two trips per month.

    • 2 outdoor climbing excursions (or rather, two excursions that include rock climbing), with at least one 5.8+ route on each completed on real rock. I realize I'm setting my sights low here.

    • Climb at least one 5.10b in 2009.

      • Just as a note: What I'm going for with the fitness stuff isn't so much big-time accomplishment, as a generally sane (and sustainable) base of reasonable fitness (and no love handles).


    Argentina is another country.... hint hint hint.

    I love your 34 new date ideas. That's awesome.

    Best of luck with the half marathon!!

    Don't you mean Jan 1, 2010 form the run/walk at least 704 miles?
    Yes, 2010. Oops. Updated.

    Thanks for the offer re: argentina. It will be taken under advisement. :)
    I got a big ol tatami room and a couple futon you can borrow for a week or four. If you want to see the Japanese countryside, that is... The best tourist attractions around here are the castles and pottery of the very-close Hagi city, but they aren't as cool as wikitravel makes em seem IMO.
    As for the rest of that stuff, especially if it's something you know you want to do but somehow can't get going, just take a step. Taking a step in the right direction is good, but you needn't even set your bar that high. As with getting out of bed, your first few steps may not be the most perfect, but before you know it you're on your way to work. :(
    Good luck!
    Hm, that's a very attractive offer. I don't know that we had been thinking about Japan, but then, Anami did want to bag a visit to Asia.

    Thanks for the encouragement. I meant to start taking steps yesterday, but caught a flu bug, and haven't been moving much. Perhaps tomorrow. :-)