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April 2014



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New Year's Goals

I'm going to try to be very specific about my New Year's Resolutions this year, and hope that it makes it easy for them to come to pass. Resolutions below the cut.

I want to be a better husband, and I want to be a good person. I want to be a better pacifist, and have a more real connection with a sangha. I want a lot of things for myself in the new year. The list below are the things that I can articulate and test in a simple yes/no kind of way.

    • Graphic Novel:
    • Work on graphic novel project with Anami. Specifically, by 1 January
      2009, complete at least 20 pages of original story and art in colaboration
      with her. Ink and scan the work, lay it out and print it, including a
      cover. Saddle stapling is ok.

    • Talking and Fun:
    • Go out on 34 new-things dates in 2008. Novel situations, novel
      environments, novel activities. The idea is to explore, to have fun. To
      set common waypoints, so that as we grow, we don't grow apart.

  • Self-evident. By Jan 1 2009, I want to live someplace new, fun and
    exciting. Leading prospects are: The Bay Area, Portland, or SLC.

  • List the house by 1 March 2008.

    • Domestic:
    • I want to visit the Greater Cincinnati Area at least once after moving.

    • I want to visit the Salt Lake Valley at least once by Jan 1 2009.

    • International:
    • I want to get a new passport stamp this year by visiting another country. I don't care where. I would like to spend at least four days (96 hours) in this place.

    • NOTE: Anami's passport expires in August, so this should be sooner.

  • By Jan 1 2009, prepare four manuscripts for submission for publication.
    They can be fiction or nonfiction, of any genre, and of any length.

  • By Jan 1 2009, have a new job, with sufficient income to support Anami and
    the dogs alone. The job must be held continuously until the new year,
    unless replaced.

    • Diet
    • Cultivate a habit of water drinking. This is underspecified, because I'm
      unlikely to track how much water I drink in any serious way. I'd like to
      drink an average of a liter a day (minimum) for the rest of the year though.

    • Cultivate a habit of being mindful of when and how much you eat. That's
      all: just pay attention to it.

    • Exercise
    • Complete the Mesa Falls marathon Aug 23 2008.

    • By Jan 1 2009, run/walk at least 800 miles

    • Do sit-ups until my stomach hurts during 200 separate sessions by Jan 1


    My back is telling me that the conventional wisdom I read somewhere about full sit-ups being not so good is probably true. (yes, I have a similar goal, although less ambitious) So maybe crunches? Or perhaps I just wasn't doing them right. You could always do the killer stomach thingy they made us do in Track -- lie flat on your back, keep legs straight, lift feet between 6-8 inches off floor, hold. Your stomach will hurt in no time. :)

    Also, I should probably steal (borrow) your job resolution, except for replacing the taking care of Anami and the dogs bit with something like saving a certain amount for retirement or being full-time.
    Yeah, I'm thinking crunches too, probably. Or maybe just starting slower on the sit-ups. The leg lift thing works great, but I get so bored. In martial arts, they do the evil thing, where you lift your legs up, and someone standing over you throws them to the floor, and you have to lift them up again, over and over. That hurts. And there's this pressure to not disappoint your oppressor, so you push harder and it hurts more. But I don't have someone here who wants to see me in pain. And a good thing, too.

    One of the problems is that the opposing muscles are just as important, and harder to figure out how to train. We should probably both be giving thought to that.
    you could do backups, but there again you have something where you need to be quite careful how you do them.

    you lie on a bench face down, with your torso hanging off the end with enough room so you can bend at the waist. Legs hooked under something. Bend down to near 90 degrees (or the floor, whichever comes first). Bend up to flat. Do not arch. Repeat. Add weight as needed.

    If you go see Josh at the climbing gym he has a killer collection of ab things that he does. Might be able to give you some pointers.
    Oh, that's a good idea. I wonder if I can figure out a way to do them safely around the house.